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what is anxiety?

Anxiety is defined as a persistent worrying or fearfulness. Anxiety can come from many places, including medication, but past trauma, faulty beliefs, or faulty thinking can definitely form the basis for anxiety. Besides persistent worrying and fearfulness, other anxiety symptoms include feeling "keyed up" or a feeling of restlessness, difficulty concentrating, irritability, muscle tension, and difficulties sleeping. Anxiety can set you apart from others and can be very isolating. Anxiety can prevent you from participating in life. In fact, anxiety has a way of slowly, but surely taking away bits and pieces of your life, a bite at a time, until you have very little life left.

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overcoming anxiety

Red bike counseling provides coping skills, strategies, tools, and interventions that can help you overcome anxiety. Again, EMDR and CBT are powerful interventions for anxiety. The most common symptoms that I run into at red bike are anxiety-related. EMDR and CBT can make a profound difference in your moving beyond anxiety. Red bike coping skills, strategies, and tools will help you move down a path in a new, exciting direction.

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