The weather report on the cell phone reads a 60% chance of rain, today. Looking out the front door, the Grand Mesa is socked in, there are ominous-looking clouds everywhere, its rather dark out, and the pavement is wet. So excited to ride a new-to-me commuter bicycle, I chance it anyway. I coast down to the new round-about, merge in with the cars, and spin off towards the River Front Trail.

The air is fresh, cool, and mesmerizing. The River Front is green enough to pret​end momentarily that I am in Portland, or somewhere GREEN. Threatening clouds spit intermittently. Further up the trail, four women are glassing something above  with their binoculars. I stop and inquire. They point to a nest of baby owls! They point out mama owl, too, and we chat briefly. I thank them for sharing, continue the ride, and then what seems like only moments later, arrive at my office. Who cares about the dressed-down look of commuter clothes and helmet hair! I’ve spent the last 45 minutes in peace, looking at GREEN, charmed by owls. Invigorated, I am ready to greet the day.

Bike commuting isn’t for everyone. I bike commuted years ago, but at this point in my life, I had been discounting it, for what seemed like valid reasons – 10 miles one way into work is too far, I need to look professional at my job, what about the weather, what if I have mechanical difficulties, and what if, what if, what if. But something clicked with me recently, when I was trying to coordinate coffee with a friend. When she said she wouldn’t be able to meet me on a particular day because she was bike commuting, I was won over and promptly tossed the what-ifs out the window.

If you regularly read this blog, you know that I am almost always promoting the benefits of nature therapy. Bike commuting not only offers those benefits, but many others, as well. Some are tangible: saves money, provides physical fitness, easy on the environment, easy to find parking, etc. Others are less tangible, but I noticed them my first day of commuting. After parking my bike and then sitting in my office, I not only felt a sense of empowerment, but I felt a distinct sense joy – the perfect way to start the work day.

red bike trail therapy, bike commuting, anxiety, trauma, EMDR
red bike trail therapy, anxiety, emdr,
red bike trail therapy, emdr, anxiety,
red bike trail therapy, emdr, anxiety

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reader comments

What fun, to see the owls on your first day of commuting! Now you will be watching for them. I have been watching a nest of baby eagles this year, on video-cam. Really great to touch in on every day. AJ

I am inspired to cycle as a commuter. I agree that I feel empowered and joyful, but I also feel invigorated and proud of my effort! TD