change is the constant

A pink notice informs of a delinquent reply to the state requesting the number of people I employ. A call to the division to inform that I have no employees, results in an automated reply that the division is having an emergency and cannot answer the phone at this time, but that I can work through my concerns online, if I’d like. I fill out the paperwork online to register to work through my concerns and push “submit,” but an orange error screen pops up requesting that I must contact the division by phone. I am now seeing pink and orange! UGH! To cool off, I decide to go on a trek…

The rising sun casts rays of dreamy brightness onto cured-out grasses, accentuating them. A breeze picks up and waves across a section of grass, picks up and moves to another section, creating amber waves. Gone are the sego lilies, but remnants of the spring still persist – purple scorpion flower, gay coreopsis, and exotic sand verbena. Horse brush and other shrubs gone to seed. A definite change in mood in the air; it's the summer solstice. Morning sun, rising from a remotely familiar northerly aspect. It's cool, as the full moon sets behind our seemingly unwavering stalwart – the Colorado National Monument.

Change is obvious and noted everywhere on this morning's trek. Synthesizing all the change, what stands out is that change is the constant. Moment-to-moment, day-to-day, season-to-season, the one thing that we can depend on is change. Even our steadfast rock, the Monument, shifts on occasion through rockslides and the like, not to mention the colossal geologic forces that shaped this beauty in the first place. Nature, yet again, providing insightful wisdom – change is the constant.

Knowing that change is responsible for all this brilliance – the red sandstone cliffs, the hills below with the flowers and amber waves of grasses – makes me realize that moment-to-moment, day-to-day, and season-to-season, we are being transformed.

This bigger picture that change is the constant helps me to be less resistant, less reactive to internal and external moment-to-moment and day-to-day frustrations and annoyances. Take that pink delinquent notice… it’s still sitting there on the counter… and well, maybe I’m still a bit reactive, but the amber waves of grasses mute the pink quite a bit!

red bike trail therapy, anxiety, emdr
red bike trail therapy, anxiety, emdr
red bike trail therapy, anxiety, emdr
red bike trail therapy, anxiety, emdr

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reader comments

Enjoy the journey! AG

Such a well written, and beautiful message!! NI

My previous counseling group's motto is "when you are finished changing, you are through!" Resilience is the ability to adjust to change. TD

Love the artistry in your blog today- ....MF