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what is codependency?

 Codependency has become a broad term and is used loosely in our culture. To be sure, symptoms of codependency include: difficulty with making decisions, being out of touch with one's personal feelings, needing constant validation from others, having poor self-esteem and low self-worth, seeking approval, having no identity, inability to take criticism, having an over-developed sense of responsibility, being self-critical, and being overly concerned with others. Codependents often have feelings of guilt and confuse pity with love. Like anxiety, co-dependency can severely limit individuals from seizing life opportunities.

co-dependence, low self-worth, identity, seeking approval
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overcoming codependency

Often, for those of us that have grown up in a codependent household, we do not recognize that we are codependent. We go along through life without much of an identity, with few wants, and needs. We start seeing life passing us by, because we have not made a stance of who we are, what we need, or what we want out of life. Finally, when our lives as adults become so difficult that we begin to understand that there must be a better way to live, we start soul-searching. Hopefully, through our search, we will discover that our symptoms align with codependency. We seek help. We find that there is a name for all the symptoms and we discover that there is help - that we can move beyond these limiting symptoms and begin to live! Group counseling for codependents can be very helpful, as well as CBT, EMDR, and coping skills and tools. Red bike counseling can steer you down the right path.

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