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emdr and cbt

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Sometimes an event is too overwhelming and too difficult to process and our brain can get "stuck."  Being stuck can block the natural healing process and may lead to difficult symptoms and intense suffering. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing or EMDR is a relatively new and exciting, evidenced-based intervention that helps people heal from the symptoms and distress caused by disturbing or overwhelming events. EMDR can restore the natural healing process, working through the event and allowing the symptoms and distress to subside. EMDR is a fairly simple process and can typically be accomplished within a normally scheduled session, but can take several or more sessions to complete. Once a client has experienced the effect of an EMDR treatment, he or she is usually surprised that it works so well and that it is so effective that he or she generally request additional sessions to resolve other unresolved events that may be having an impact on his or her life.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or cbt is a method to help change a person's pattern of thinking or typical cognitive distortions. Changing the pattern of thinking will change how a person feels. There are several different forms of CBT. I almost always integrate some form of CBT in session and usually provide CBT homework after the first session or two. Right way, clients report that CBT has helped them make positive changes in their lives.

Click here for a description of 10 common cognitive distortions. Please write "Distortions" on the subject line.

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