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get out of your head

~ freedom to live the life you envision ~

Lisa Lesperance Kautsky, M.A., LPCC



get out of your head!

ride a bike!  take a walk, journal in a notebook, learn a new skill, go to the library, look at an art book, write a list of things that you are grateful for, hug someone, volunteer, drive around the Colorado National Monument, knock on your neighbor's door and say hello, watch a sunset, climb a four-teener, thank a veteran, get off your cell phone, do cartwheels, gaze at the stars, pick a bouquet of wild flowers, say a prayer, tell someone that you love them, get off social media, go bird watching, visit the website: art heals wars wounds

did I mention ride a bike?

You get the idea – get out of your head,

out of your comfort zone, start a new habit,

change your life!

ideas to get out of your head

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