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Red bike trail therapy blog recounts weekly hiking and biking trips in western Colorado and relates those trips to the natural environment, nature therapy, mindfulness, and more.

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red bike trail therapy blog

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healing with art

January 3, 2019

Imagine veterans, hardened and traumatized by war, writing poetry, painting pictures, creating sculptures, writing literature, making paper, while developing camaraderie with others. That’s what they do at a non-profit organization based out of northern Nevada, Art Heals War Wounds. This organization is dedicated to helping veterans and the military-connected community move beyond the emotional scars that war brings about, through the process of creating art.

On a bitter winter day in January 2008, Art Heals War Wounds founding member, Tina Drakulich, and her husband, Joe, were notified by military personnel, that their beloved son, David J Drakulich, an Army Airborne Ranger in Afghanistan, was killed by an IED. With a heavy heart, Tina desired to make sense of David’s loss. David was a gifted artist. As an instinctive artist herself, trying to cope with her extreme grief, Tina naturally turned to art for consolation and to somehow find a way to move forward. Through the process, Art Heals War Wounds was born.

Because of their emotional wounding from war, veterans are at risk for unemployment, homelessness, substance abuse, and other challenges. Art Heals War Wounds connects veterans with one another and the outside world using art to tell their stories. Conveying their stories helps veterans to process war-related trauma, empowers them, and gives them a much-needed voice. Art helps veterans move beyond war-related trauma, as much as possible, providing them an opportunity for healing and a chance to make sense of their grief and loss.

For full disclosure, as the author of this blog posting, please know that I am a sister to Tina. I’ve witnessed firsthand how art heals war wounds.