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Red bike trail therapy blog recounts weekly hiking and biking trips in western Colorado and relates those trips to the natural environment, nature therapy, mindfulness, and more.

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December 11, 2018

Nature Therapy

The air is cool and clean on this November day, walking the nature path at Ridgeway State Park in southwestern Colorado. The breeze wisps around and freshens my face and tosses my hair. The sun warms my eyelids. I smell forest and earth. I hear the sweet sound of birds and the swoosh of wind through pinions and junipers. All of my senses are enlivened. My eyes are in awe when I focus on the majestic crown jewel of the San Juan Mountains: Mount Sneffels, a fourteen thousand plus foot peak. The mountain’s symmetry is a marvel and reminds me that this world is much bigger than just me. This little nature walk is big tonic.

I am reminded that Nature Therapy has a rightful standing in the therapeutic medicine cabinet. As described in an article in Psychology Today (April 28, 2012, entitled Power of Nature), nature therapy is effective for battling depression, it is free, and accessible. The San Juan Mountains may not be easily accessible to everyone, but even living downtown in the middle of a big city, some form of this natural elixir is ready for the taking. Blue sky and interesting cloud formations instill peace and calm. Melodic bird songs soothe the soul and a gentle breeze cleanses the spirit. Nature therapy is an ideal supplement to enhance nearly any ongoing therapy.