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~ freedom to live the life you envision ~

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an investment in your life

You feel that your life keeps passing you by. You want to live just a little more daringly, but you always sink back into your comfort zone. You are missing out on your life's dreams and your deep desires. You picture yourself edging out of your comfort zone, but each day, it's another slipped opportunity... should have, would have, could have. You are tired of these lost opportunities and you sense the sand grains are draining through the hour glass.

After spending years and years, of not poking my head out of my little comfort zone, I came to the conclusion that I wasn't really living. I was missing life experiences and opportunities. I began to recognize how precious this one life is - a big, endless series of opportunities!  I decided I wanted to start living and make the most of my life. I decided to invest in myself. I found a counselor that I connected with and began therapy. Therapy empowered me. I began taking risks and I found that I was no longer being hi-jacked by fear. This small investment has paid big dividends; I am realizing my dreams and desires - living a rich, meaningful life.

If you desire to quit being hi-jacked by fear and anxiety and you wish to start seizing life's opportunities, red bike counseling will provide you with the necessary tools, skills, and strategies to empower you.

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what you can expect

You may wonder how long the counseling process will take and how effective your counseling investment will be. With my passion for your empowerment over your struggles, my aim is for you to begin finding relief within the first few sessions. Some interventions will likely begin to make an immediate difference for you. I provide simple homework so that you can begin to make the most of your counseling investment right way, paving the way to for you to start living the life you envision!

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tools, skills, strategies...

Red bike counseling empowers you through training in mindfulness, learning mastery over negative thinking, educating about the hot and cool nervous systems and trauma, encouraging radical self-care, assertiveness training, and using interventions, such as Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). There are simple skills you can learn and integrate into your day-to-day living that will transform your life!

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red bike counseling services

Our safe, confidential sessions are located in this quaint room

in the quiet, historic "Doc Shore" building,

327 N 7th St., Suite #22

in downtown Grand Junction.

Free parking is offered at the back entrance.

Sessions last 50-55 minutes.

Upon request, a super bill is provided to present to your insurance company.

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concepts and role models that I aspire to

Self-Actualization, Maslow's Theory, Meditation, Holistic Wellness, Primitive Brain versus Modern Brain, Assertiveness, Mindfulness, Empowerment, Existentialism, Nature Therapy, Narrative Therapy,  and the teachings of Victor Frankl, Tara Brach, Brene Brown