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sego lily wisdom

It’s overcast and cool this evening and the air is remarkably calm. Low-lying topography on the trail is rife with white and pink sego lilies that have supplanted the faded evening primrose. The air is so calm that each sego lily flower is cupped toward the heavens and each is completely still. The stillness of the scene takes me by surprise – a field full of motionless upright, cupped flowers looks otherworldly somehow giving an impression that they are captive, listening intently to something I can’t hear. Admiring the look of their devotion, I head eastward and come up the flank of a small hill, rimmed with Dakota Sandstone boulders.

red bike trail therapy gleans wisdom from sego lilies
red bike trail therapy gleans wisdom from sego lilies

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Still reflecting on the sego scene, I consider the wisdom that the trail (and nature in general) continually provides. But first, I contemplate wisdom, itself. I mull over the meaning of the word and why we respect and long for wisdom. Wisdom helps us make sense of life and can help guide us through life. Using the sego lilies, for example, they are modeling several things tonight – reverence, steadfastness, and tranquility. Reflecting on that, I come to realize that the segos are demonstrating a way to approach life. I take that in, grateful for that drop of honey that softened my heart.

Advancing further up the trail, I see wisdom modeled everywhere. The blooming barrel cactus – its red petals are closed – shutdown for the night. A smallish juniper grows seemingly out of bedrock, an amazing display of sheer grit. Sagebrush and Ephedra, growing side by side and intertwined, blissfully coexisting. I head off the sandstone-rimmed flank and come across the pinyons and junipers and I hear songbirds. Songbird melodies, so sweet, I stop to relish the moment. I reflect on what the songbirds are modeling for us…

that we, too, have been given a voice

and we must each sing our song.

from the trail,


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reader comments

Thank you for the "drop of honey that softens my heart."

I needed this blog at exactly this time. Blessings and Love.  AR